Trillium is one of my favorite flowers. It has many interesting characteristics, and the first time I saw it was when I was out for a run in the woods. I took the photo above of the lone red trillium I encountered that day. I had to go home and attempt to identify it on my computer. Luckily, it is an easy identification to make. Trillium is so interesting and captivating because it is one of the first plants to pop out of the ground in early spring. One of the more interesting facts about Trillium is that they are myrmecochorous; ants spread the seeds! Anywhere that you find wild trillium, just think of how it got there. Some little ants nearby carried it and acted as its gardener. It’s a great example of a symbiotic relationship, as the ants actually consume the fleshy structures that are attached to the seeds, called elaiosomes. Elaiosomes exist solely to attract ants.


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