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    Greenhouse Application

    The Greenhouse has a 4’x4′ grow bed and two 4’x6′ grow beds. So it made sense to have enough power to run all the beds from a single solar panel and battery. We placed the bed above a nutrient tank. The bed was filled with pea-gravel. We used the 4 pump panel. The pumps were all wired to the controller. We placed a solar panel outside on a stand. We used 12 gage wire to connect the solar panel to the controller and the battery to the controller. The fill tubes have a 3″ anchor disk. We buried the  fill tubes in the 4 corners of the grow bed. The 4 pump panel was placed in the nutrient tank. The bed sensor is buried near the surface of the grow bed. The nutrient sensor is submerged in the nutrient tank. The bed fills every 3 and a 1/2 hours. This is frequent enough to keep the roots wet. In between flood cycles the bed draws in air to the roots. After a few weeks an algae culture grows under the surface. This algae helps the roots retain moisture. Plants can be seedlings or seeds can be directly sprinkled in the pebbles. The success of germination period depends a lot on warmth and sun.  We had a problem with squirrels eating the seedlings.The solar panel is 12V 100 watt and was selected to power 4 beds. The battery is a 50 amp/hour lead acid gel cell. Most car batteries will work fine. The controller is both a solar charge regulator and bed flood timer.

    The results are still in process. But the automatic watering is a big relief to the greenhouse owner.



  • How to clean the Pump

    The pump needs cleaning when a particle jams the impeller. In most cases it will be many seasons before a cleaning is needed.

    If the bed fails to fill, the alarm will trigger.

    Watch the following video for full instructions:

    Lava stone produces small particles that are rough and tend to jam the pump. It is recommended to use pea gravel instead of lava rock.

    Spraying away the fine dirt and sand from the pebbles will help the pump last longer between cleanings. It is impressive how much solid material can pass through these pumps before a jam occurs.


  • DIY Inside Grow Tent

    This  grow tent is made from a wood base with a PVC pipe frame. The frame is covered with foil insulation. The wood frame is about 3ft x 3ft. It is lined with carpet and 6 mil plastic sheet. The bed is about 8 inches deep with about 6 inches of pea stone. The bed is mounted above a platform so that the nutrient tank can be placed under the bed. The wood frame is on rollers so that the grow bed can be moved around as needed. These photos are just suggestions. The grow bed and wood frame can be and shape or size.

    See the following video:

    Inside Grow Tent