AC Adapter, 12V DC, 1A Output (Included with Starter Kit)


AC Adapter, 12V DC, 1A Output

Blade inputs for US Power

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AC Adapter, 12V DC, 1A Output. This AC adapter comes with the starter kit. It is sufficient to run one pump. If you need to run more than one pump, then add a 12V battery (car battery) to your system. The battery can deliver enough current for 5 or 6 pumps at one time. This AC adapter will slowly charge the battery for the next cycle.

If your hydroponics system is away from AC power, then use a 12V battery and a 12V solar panel. The wattage of the solar panel should be sized for the number of pumps. One 12V 50 Amp Hour Battery and a 12V 50 Watt solar panel can run about 10 pumps and 10 grow beds. The solar regulator / battery charger is built in the controller.


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