Pump, 3.8L/min. 12V DC (Included with Starter Kit)


Pump 3.8L / min. 12V DC

This pump is used to pump nutrient into the grow bed. It has a screen on the input. It is easy to clean. Works well for nutrient that may contain high particulate. This pump is a brush-less DC designed for long life. It is submersible. This pump comes with the starter kit. The only reason to order another one is if multiple pumps are needed for a large growing bed. If your pump fails, see our video on cleaning the pump before deciding to order another one.



  • Flow Rate 3.8 L/min.
  • Input: 9-16V
  • Pressure: 2.9psi @12V
  • Vertical delivery: 2m (6.5ft) 
  • Fluid PH:5-10
  • Current: 500mA@12V
  • Intake: 13.8mm/9mm Dia.
  • Outlet: 7.2mm/5mm Dia. 
  • Pump Life span: > 20,000hrs @ 1600rpm~4200rpm
  • Noise: << 30dB 
  • Working Temp: 70’C (non-submersed) 
  • Envir Temp: <40’C 
  • Size(L*W*D): 2.36″x1.3″x1.6″ (59mm X 33mm X 41mm)
  • Pump Weight (net): 5.0oz

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