Hydroponics Controller (Included with Starter Kit)


Model GG001 is designed for use with a single bed of any size. It uses the adaptable hydroponics method and is a patent pending product.

The following components are included with this kit:

  • 9 pin terminal connections with sensors and pump prewired
  • AC Adapter with 12v 2.1mm barrel plug input
  • solar charge regulator (built in) for charging a¬†battery or using in remote locations
  • 5A pump driver circuit can drive one or more pumps for multi-bed applications
  • cycle interval selectable from 0.5 hours to 6 hours (in 0.5 hour steps)
  • Bed Level Sensor and Nutrient Level Sensor

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Model GG001 is designed for use with a single bed of any size. It uses the adaptable hydroponics method, and is a patent pending product.

The method is similar to an Ebb and Flow (Flood and Drain) method with the exception that there is no drain other than the supply tube. The nutrient solution is pumped and fills the bed until the bed level sensor detects the level is high enough. Then the pump stops and the nutrient siphons through the supply tubing and pump back to the nutrient tank. This completes a cycle. The cycle repeats after a programmed interval. Between cycles, the growing medium is wet yet breathable to the plant roots. controller that senses the bed level and nutrient level. The sensors work with distilled water as well as a nutrient solution. The nutrient solution is sensed to verify that there is enough solution to complete the cycle. There are audible alarms and signals that the controller makes to indicate status and alarms. These can be diagnosed over a phone.

The Controller was designed to be powered from a 12V battery and it has a charge regulator for a 12V solar panel to charge the battery. It can also be powered from an AC adapter. The controller can be used with pumps up to 5 amperes DC. If larger pumps are needed, an external switching module can be connected to the controller. Depending on pump size, several bed controllers can be connected to the same battery and solar panel. This a a major cost savings.

This controller comes with the starter kit. The only reason to order another one is to run multiple grow beds and pumps.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 6 in


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