Contact Us

Send any questions or comments to the following:    I am the inventor of the Grower’s Gizmos product line. My expertise is in electronics and I have experience with solar power and DIY greenhouses, and indoor grow tents. I am happy to talk to you about our products, hydroponics, aquaponics, grow tents, and solar powering green houses.

We will respond as soon as possible. If you wish direct phone support, include your phone number and a time to call. We are in the east coast time zone. But we are willing to support you at any time if possible. Keep in mind that the controller makes sounds that can help us determine the problem. Placing your phone near the controller may help us isolate the problem.

My personal guarantee: All products sold by Grower’s Gizmos are guaranteed to work as stated for a year. And, for a limited time, the warranty is extended until the policy changes. It is important to us that you share your experience with our products. If you have any problems we would like the opportunity to solve it to your satisfaction. We are more interested in giving you a successful experience than profit. Because of this policy, we will provide a full refund upon return of the products. We can’t be responsible for any damages caused by the use of our products. All product specifications can change without notice.