Adaptable Hydroponics from Growers' Gizmos


Adaptable to any Bed Size

Use any container, any size.

No need to drill holes!


Starter Kits

The Starter kit has everything you need to start growin’ herbs in the kitchen.

You can always move up to a bigger container!


Special Controller

Our hydroponics controller helps you to grow the best crops consistently. It will cycle the water in your garden on a regular schedule that optimizes root growth.

Greenhouse Kit for grow beds using Solar Power

Use any bed container for your Greenhouses. We have pump panels for 4’x4′ and 4’x6′ bed containers. The number of pumps adds redundancy that makes certain you can ignore the bed for longer periods without worry.

A Solar panel with 12V battery is the best way to power your remote greenhouse. Since the shipping costs for these are expensive, it is cheaper for you to purchase these separately from a supplier near you. We’ll tell you where to get these locally. We have tested several sizes. All panels and batteries should be for 12 volt systems. There are instructional videos available to install these with no experience. One 100 watt Solar Panel and Car Battery can power several grow beds and provide power to LED strip lights.

You can order the greenhouse kit for a 4’x4′ or 4’x6′ grow bed. The difference is 4 pumps or 6 pumps on the pump panel. You can also order the greenhouse kit with a grow bed, nutrient tank, solar panel, and battery. Or, you can just order the greenhouse kit and get the rest locally. Well help you with your questions.

Need a quote? Describe your application and what you want. We’ll suggest what you need and send you a detailed quotation. We will suggest a solution with the lowest cost. Send us an email at: